Mar 18, 2014

Summary of Kelloway v. Kelloway

Kelloway v. Kelloway, 2008 NSSC 261 (CanLII)
One year after the parties' divorce, the husband sought to reduce the amount of spousal support ordered and a termination date for the support. The parties had been married for 18 years and although the wife had always worked during the marriage, she had consistently earned less than the husband. The parties' one child resided with the husband.Spousal support reduced from $1,000 per month to $600 per month for a period of six years, at which time it will terminate. There was no evidence that the wife had been impeded in advancing her career or pursuing other job or educational opportunities as a result of the marriage. However, after 18 years the parties' financial lives were intertwined and the wife had both compensatory and non-compensatory claims for spousal support for a reasonable transition period.